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free-walking-tour-warsawFree Tours have become a standard repertoire in the tourism industry in European cities. You can recognise these tours by the colourful umbrellas of the city guides. The flag on top indicates the language of the tour. Contrary to all discussions, these tours are not free of charge, but based on the tip given at the end of the tour. The Free refers to the idea of free participation, meaning that it is a public city tour.

There are also Free Tours in Warsaw. However, you will look in vain for the German flag. The overall offer in German in Warsaw is very meagre. My tourism company Walking Poland does offer guided tours and other activities in German, but with such a large number of German-speaking tourists in Warsaw, this is quite little. So it is very pleasing that exactly this gap has finally been opened up. Since 2022, Free Tours in Warsaw have finally been available in German!

The English- and Spanish-speaking tours, on the other hand, are very numerous. Of course, I would be happy if you would join our tours. What makes us different from others? First and foremost, we are local. The company I run and also the other city guides who have joined the project are focused on Warsaw. Other companies often operate nationwide, which often gets in the way of ensuring high standards.

Free Tour in Warsaw. Finally also in German

There have already been several attempts to introduce this type of city tours in Warsaw. But in the end there was always a lack of availability of city guides and the organisers’ unwillingness to present the offers on the internet in German. A few years ago I, among others, personally undertook such tours under the sign of another company. The pandemic put an end to this cooperation. In 2022, several city guides decided to organise it in their own name. Of course, I am also on board.

What tours are there?

At the moment we offer the classic tours. There is the Free Tour of Warsaw’s Old Town and a Free Tour Must See, which shows the Old Town, the Royal Route and the Palace of Culture in the city centre. More tours will follow in the future. So it’s worth checking out the website

There are also plans for guided tours of Jewish Warsaw or to the right-hand side of Warsaw in the historic district of Praga.

Where can I book the tours?

white-umbrella-free-warsawTo book a Free Tour in Warsaw, please go to, which is in English and German. There you will find a booking calendar. First select the tour, then the month and day. There are no limits to the number of places you can book. Note, however, that prior booking is obligatory.

The number of days available for the tours is of course very limited. But perhaps more city guides will join this local project in the future so that the tours can be offered regularly.

By the way, our umbrella is white! 

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