Affordable flights to Warsaw – Tips

Due to its proximity to the neighboring country, many vacationers travel to Poland by car. Depending on the place of residence in Germany, the distance can be greater, making the car journey quite time-consuming. Especially for a shorter stay or a weekend trip, choosing the airplane as a means of tr

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The average salary in Poland: A bizarre calculation method

The Bizarre Calculation Method Many people firmly believe that the average salary is unable to realistically depict the financial situation of workers, whether they are German or Polish. The calculation includes both the highest earners and those with the lowest wages. To determine the value, all sa

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National pride is not a sin

When it comes to national pride, Germans don’t take it lightly. Even in discussions among fellow Germans about nationalism, patriotism, and identity, we rarely agree on how to distinguish these terms from one another. Mutual understanding is seldom found. This fact wouldn’t surprise me i

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Join our Free Walking Tour in Warsaw

Free Tours have become a standard repertoire in the tourism industry in European cities. You can recognise these tours by the colourful umbrellas of the city guides. The flag on top indicates the language of the tour. Contrary to all discussions, these tours are not free of charge, but based on the

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The Big Benisation of Stalin’s Cake in Warsaw

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is abbreviated PKiN (Palac Kultury i Nauki), which is pronounced Pekin(g). The sandstone colossus was built on the initiative of Jozef Putin … sorry … Stalin. However, poor him, he didn’t live to see it all go to financial ruin just for a

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40 PLN per night for each Ukrainian

In the Gazeta Wyborcza | Warsaw | of 15 March 2022 I found an article reporting on the problems with applying for and receiving state aid.* There it is about the financial support for every Polish citizen who has taken in refugees coming from Ukraine since Russia’s invasion of that country. Th

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Warsaw Royal Route | Public Walking Tour

Book a public guided tour of the Warsaw Royal Route. Use the booking calendar. For questions or comments, go to the general contact form. Price: 11 € per person | Tours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am Meeting point Address: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 1, 00-333 Warszawa  Meeting point is at th

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200,000 refugees in Warsaw. The city is at its limit!

Warsaw has now taken in almost 200 thousand refugees in a fortnight. Camps have been set up all over the city to provide this huge mass of people with the most basic necessities. In the Mokotow district, a seven-storey office building, which is empty, has been converted into a reception centre. I vo

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The same shit for 250 years

And here we go again! What the Russian army is doing in Ukraine under Putin’s leadership is nothing new. We have been going through this with occasional breaks for 250 years now! And after each time, Poland’s political position towards Russia is criticised in all its various forms. On mo

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