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Due to its proximity to the neighboring country, many vacationers travel to Poland by car. Depending on the place of residence in Germany, the distance can be greater, making the car journey quite time-consuming. Especially for a shorter stay or a weekend trip, choosing the airplane as a means of transportation is worthwhile. With some advance planning, the flight doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive.

In this article, you’ll find some practical tips that can help you find cheap flight tickets to Warsaw.

When are flight tickets the cheapest?

It’s well known that flights outside of the holiday season are the most affordable.

But even during the holidays, there’s an opportunity to save money when booking. For example, flight tickets are often cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. The price is also affected if the travel duration is chosen to be somewhat flexible, not exactly following a weekly pattern.

Sometimes it’s even cheaper to book two one-way flights. This can even be done with two different airlines.

In general, the chances of finding a bargain are best when there’s some flexibility in the travel dates.

Which airport to choose for departure?

The choice of the departure airport can also influence the flight price. For example, if the travel date is outside the holiday season in the state of the chosen airport, it’s worth the extra trip to the airport.

Where to park at the airport?

When heading to the airport, most vacationers prefer to go by their own car. However, to avoid high parking fees, a parking spot should be booked in advance at a fixed price.

For this purpose, there are, of course, the parking garages of the respective airport available, as well as the usually even cheaper online offers from a private provider near the airport. For example, for parking at Stuttgart Airport, but also at most other airports, these providers offer affordable and secure parking spaces with free shuttle transfer to the terminal. Airport parking becomes even more convenient with the popular valet service. With this, you hand over your vehicle directly in front of the terminal to an employee who parks it at the booked parking lot and provides it at the terminal exit upon return.

Nonstop flight or layover?

There are various options to reach Warsaw Airport.

The fastest option is a direct flight from Germany. LOT Polish Airlines offers regular direct connections to Warsaw from many airports. Lufthansa also flies directly from Frankfurt.

For those with a bit more time on their hands, searching for cheap deals with layovers is an option. The layovers are made at the home airport of the booked airline. Good connections are offered, for example, by Austrian Airlines, KLM, or Swiss.

Compare fare conditions

Before booking what seems to be the cheapest flight, it’s advisable to carefully look at the fare conditions of the offer, as there can be significant differences. What is already included in the total price for one fare might be charged separately for another fare. This way, the initially cheap-looking ticket can end up being more expensive in the end.

Most additional costs arise from the number of luggage pieces, the selected onboard service, and seat reservations. In general, the airlines’ baggage limits should not be exceeded, as every additional kilo at check-in may incur higher tariffs.

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